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PA Civil War Trails

The Pennsylvania Civil War Trails are a living, breathing discovery of our country's greatest struggle.

Travel the trails and hear the long overdue telling of civilian stories and begin to bridge the history you learned in school with the history that is forever woven into numerous PA communities. Explore the area and the rich civil war era history with the help of our tools.

ROADTRIP! Take off on your own or follow our trip plan.

Experience the PA Civil War Trails on your own or take advantage of a well-planned and methodical approach to traveling the historic region using a guide...our Civil War Trails Roadtrip itinerary. Come discover Civil War Harrisburg!

View our Civil War Trails Roadtrip itinerary.

PA Civil War Trails Brochure

The Road to Harrisburg can easily be followed using the PA Civil War Trails brochure and map. This comprehensive piece details the region's history of each participating town and city along the trail as well as noting stops-of-interest along the way. Striking historical pictures coupled with moving facts and stories make this high-gloss brochure more of a keepsake than just a navigational tool.

Download the PA Civil War Trails brochure.