Meet Our Team

The Closer

Let us help you find the right fit for your tournament or event location. HHRVB Sports Marketing Manager Gregg Cook has been in tune with the region’s vast sports landscape for more than 30 years and is on deck to help you land the best situation for your event.

Gregg Cook
Sports Marketing Manager

I've been involved with sports in this region for most of my life, and I'm always impressed by the ability of venue operators to accommodate such a vast collection of event needs. We're such a popular tournament destination so our venues are turning over and sometimes reinventing their spaces overnight to set the stage for a new competition. There are gyms and fields in every "Anytown, U.S.A.," but tournaments and events here turn into extended family vacations and memories that are just as sweet as the thrill of victory. ~ Gregg Cook

Audrey Bialas
Director of Sales

Selling this destination is such a thrill. Whether we’re meeting new clients who have never heard of us or we’re reconnecting with return clients, we always have something new to share. We have world-class attractions and proven guest services teams at our attractions, restaurants and hotels. Our clients know they are aligning with a proud and successful brand! ~ Audrey Bialas

Sandy Wenner
Group Sales Manager

Penny M Brady
Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager