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Clay's Covered Bridge - Perry County

Covered Bridges

We've located twenty-three of these stoic reminders of the area’s rich Dutch Heritage dot the pristine country side. Also known as “kissing bridges” PA Dutch tradition holds that kissing your sweetheart while passing through a covered bridge brings good luck.

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Kochenderfer Covered Bridge
Route 332, Saville, PA 17074
(717) 231-7788

Built in 1919, Kochenderfer Covered Bridge crosses Big Buffalo Creek.  Read more >

Swinging Bridge
Oley St., Millersburg, PA 17061
(717) 692-3093

The Swinging Bridge was rebuilt in 1996 after the old one was destroyed in 1972 by a hurricane. The bridge connects Millersburg's two waterfron ...  Read more >

Everhart Covered Bridge
5300 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Built in 1881 to span Little Buffalo Creek in Oliver Township, Perry County, it is an example of Multiple Kingpost Truss construction and is 44 fee ...  Read more >

Fowlersville Covered Bridge
Route 19039, Fowlersville, PA 17815
(570) 784-8279

Built in 1887, Fowlersvllle Bridge was one of the last covered bridges built in Columbia County.  Read more >

Esther Furnace Covered Bridge
Route 373, Esther, PA 17815
(570) 784-8279

Built in 1881, the Esther Furnace Bridge crosses Roaring Creek. It is another good example in the county of Queen Truss construction.  Read more >

Beaver Covered Bridge
Route 2023, Oriental, PA 17045
(717) 248-6713

Built in 1908, the Beaver Covered Bridge is the only covered bridge in Juniata County that has remained a part of the state highway system.  Read more >

Sheaffer Covered Bridge
Route 2024, Oriental, PA 17045
(717) 248-6713

The Sheaffer Covered Bridge was built in 1907. It is 91 feet long and crosses Mahatango Creek  Read more >

Dellville Covered Bridge
Pine Hill Rd., Dellville, PA 17020
(717) 231-7788

The Dellville Covered Bridge is located in Wheatfield Township and crosses Sherman's Creek.  Read more >

Miller Covered Bridge
West of7 Stars, Seven Stars, PA 17062

Miller Covered Bridge was built in 1966. It is on private land so get permission to view.  Read more >

Mount Pleasant Covered Bridge
Mount Pleasant Rd., New Germantown, PA 17006
(717) 231-7788

Mount Pleasant Covered Bridge was not originally a covered bridge. It was rebuilt in 1918 as a covered bridge. It is located in Jackson Township an ...  Read more >