If you think the Hershey Harrisburg Region is just coasters and the Capitol, you're missing so many great spots for food, adventure and romance! And each year, many of our best attractions get even better with updated features while brand new businesses are popping up as well. Here are just a few of the places that will be featuring new sights, sounds and tastes in 2016. 

Milton & Catherine Conservatory at Hershey Gardens

This summer, Hershey Gardens will unveil a new, 15,000 square foot conservatory to include an indoor Butterfly Atrium, Welcome Pavilion and a Horticultural & Educational Wing, as well as an overlook and a terrace. We all know Milton Hershey's passion for perfecting milk chocolate, but the candy maker also had a passion for building recreation, arts & culture outlets for the community. He and his wife built several conservatories in the early 1900s that showcased tropical plants from around the world. The new space is inspired by those early conservatories, and will make Hershey Gardens a year-round destination.

The Manor on Front

Harrisburg's newest Bed and Breakfast enters its first full year of operation. Owners Mike and Sally Wilson renovated two Front Street mansions to create The Manor on Front, an elegant and welcoming space with views of the beautiful Susquehanna River.  Make plans for a weekend getaway with the comforts of home - just a few blocks away from the arts and culture of Midtown and Downtown Harrisburg.

Midstate Distillery

After two years of renovations and business planning, Midstate Distillery will finally open its doors - and its stills - early this year. In addition to making spirits like run, vodka and moonshine, the facility will be making history as well. It's reported to be the first distillery to operate legally in Harrisburg since prohibition.

Chocolate World Tour

The famous (and free) Chocolate Tour ride at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction is getting a makeover this winter. The ride will reopen in late February with a new look as it takes guests through the process of chocolate making. There are still tons of activities to for guests to enjoy every day while construction is underway, like the new Chocolate Tasting Experience, Create Your Own Candy Bar and the Dessert Creation Studio and more.

Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center

National bands will soon be playing in one of the coolest new venues in town. Renovations have been taking place in the Capitol Room at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. It's an art deco style ballroom fit for parties, banquets and music. It's another great addition to Midtown Harrisburg's growing arts and culture scene that already boasts the oldest continually operating market in the country, (Broad Street Market) the largest independent bookstore on the East Coast, (Midtown Scholar Bookstore) and an innovative arts and dining complex (The Millworks). Read more in this article from The Burg.