We all know the song. "Rain, rain go away..." But wishing it away for ourselves just means it will rain on someone else and we're too nice for that, right? So instead of watching the rain clouds, make plans to visit some of Hershey Harrisburg's best-loved museums and indoor attractions. You'll be so into the antique fire trucks, civil war stories, chocolate tastings and more, that you won't give a second thought to the raindrops!

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The State Museum of Pennsylvania 

What happens when you dream of coasters and kayaks, but Mother Nature deals in puddles instead of pools?  It’s ok. The coasters and kayaks will dry out when the warm summer sun comes out of the clouds, and in the meantime, explore indoors! Museums aren’t JUST for rainy days, but when it does get a little soggy outside, The Hershey Harrisburg Region is still a great getaway, inside.

They don’t call it Chocolate World for nothing. It’s literally a great big world of chocolate where you can immerse yourself in all things chocolate. How it’s made. How it tastes. Even how it solves mysteries in a very cool 4D movie.

We all know the candy, but the life story of Milton Hershey is an American Classic. The Hershey Story on Chocolate Avenue brings that story to life in cool interactives and historic displays.

Indian Echo Caverns doesn’t look a day over 440 years old. The caverns are cut through limestone that is 440 MILLION years old, and sit in an unassuming spot just between Hershey and Harrisburg ready for you to explore.

Rain and thunder outside might be great inspiration when you visit Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. Touch a Tornado is one of the best-loved features in the Forces of Nature exhibit.

Free is good, right? One of our most treasured attractions is the State Capitol building, where tours are offered for free - year round. It’s a stunning building filled with intricate artwork and fun facts that will amaze even the most hard to impress members of your crew.

These are just a few of the great indoor experiences that the entire family can enjoy on rainy days  - or any day here in the Hershey Harrisburg region.  You’ve also got mastodons at the State Museum. Battle scenes at the National Civil War Museum. Collections of firefighting history at the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum, and much, much more! For a complete list of attractions, go to visitHersheyHarrisburg.org.

We’ll see you soon!