So, you might think in a town dubbed "Chocolatetown USA" that it's all chocolate, all the time. And then you see a headline like "Chocolate Covered February" and think, "How is that different from Chocolate Covered every other month of the year? It's CHOCOLATETOWN USA!" Well, it is different. In a decadent, delicious and not-just-desserty kind of way. See, there's a culinary art to chocolate, and February is a time when the hustle of Hershey's tourism season slows down just enough for the chefs to come out of the pastry kitchens to share that art with visitors. 

Before we jump to the events, here's a quick video featuring one of the Hotel Hershey's signature cocktails - the HERSHEY'S Special Dark Chocolate Martini. 

For Couples

Since February is known for its romance, let's start with events geared toward couples. Not spoken for at the moment? These events are great for girlfriends too! 

Wine and Chocolate Pairings at The Hotel Hershey - Make reservations for this event that shows just how well your favorite flavors can play off of one another. 

Truffles for Couples at The Hershey Story - Make your own truffles and learn about the Milton and Catherine Hershey love story. 

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For The Kids

Traveling with the family? There are lots of ways for the kids to get the inside scoop (chocolate of course) on the culture of confection!

Try it with Truffles at The Hershey Story -  As good as chocolate is, it's even better when you can make it yourself! Make reservations for a class in the Chocolate Lab, and take home the goods!

Sweet Story Telling - Gather 'round at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction to hear stories about the famous Hershey's characters and the origins of chocolate. 

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