Rich History in the Hershey Harrisburg Region 

In spaces throughout the Hershey Harrisburg Region, there are stories to be told and historical lessons to be learned for inquisitive minds of all ages.


Meaningful Mansions

Mansions aren’t just buildings. They are left over from the days our great region was built. An important reminder of the people who came before us and the hard work they put into creating our communities. John Harris was influential in creating Harrisburg, and the John Harris Cameron Simon Mansion is a memorial to his hard work. Fort Hunter was originally a war fort that transformed into a private residence. Today, Fort Hunter Mansion & Park showcases its history and have frequent events for visitors. Step into these historical markers and hear the stories told from the floors, walls, and even decorations.  


Wars of Old 

The Hershey Harrisburg Region played a significant part in America’s Civil War. Learn the history of the war at the National Civil War Museum. Then, see where the biggest battle was fought, and the location of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitors Center. You can also uncover the history of the United States Army at the United States Army Heritage and Education Center located in Carlisle.


Taking Record

The largest archives of Pennsylvania’s history are held within the Pennsylvania State Museum. From prehistoric times to today’s challenges, this museum has permanent and rotating exhibits documenting it all. Interested in a little more from historians? Contact the Hershey-Derry Historical Society, the Historical Society of Millersburg, or the Historic Harrisburg Association for more information. 

Visit Hershey Harrisburg and your inner historian will thank you! Your next getaway is HERE!