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The Cities & Towns of Our Area

Dozens of small towns and vibrant cities sprinkle their unique flavors throughout the Hershey Harrisburg region. Experience the essence of this region with a tour of each celebrated town. Dive into adventure, dig into our history, or retreat to our countryside. One visit and we think you’ll agree — this may be the best trip you’ve ever taken.


Welcome to “The Sweetest Place on Earth,”® where the aroma of the town’s world-famous chocolate lingers in the air. Founded in 1903 by Milton Hershey, this chocolate-themed town is the perfect vacation spot for everyone in the family.


Harrisburg, the state capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is over 200 years old and boasts a lively and lovely community to live and play!

Complete with concert halls, fine restaurants and museums for many interests, the capital city is a popular destination for those craving the culture, cuisine and nightlife of a welcoming metropolitan center.

Browse the city’s eclectic art galleries and peruse the downtown and midtown shops found along Second and Third streets. Come evening, you’ll be ready for the excitement that this vibrant city can bring.

New!  Parking meters in the city received a makeover in early 2014 and conveniently can notify users via text messages when their alloted time is nearly over.  Click here to learn more! 


Just one visit to this cozy hamlet, and you’ll understand why Hummelstown’s natives rave about its treasures. Located just minutes from two well-known neighbors: Hershey and Harrisburg, Hummelstown offers a wealth of family-owned attractions and restaurants, as well as pristine spots to enjoy nature.


Outdoor enthusiasts will find a road trip full of adventure when they strap on their boots and pack up their gear to explore the small town of Marysville. Surrounded by mountains and located along the mighty Susquehanna River, visitors can experience hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting and cross country skiing.


Visitors who are truly looking to get away from it all and get back to nature will find Newport to be just the spot they are looking for. Nestled in the lush farmlands that have been in families for generations, Newport is said by some to be Central Pennsylvania’s “best-kept secret.”


Nestled along the extending Susquehanna River, the cozy community of Millersburg offers visitors a true taste of hometown nostalgia. Art galleries, antique shops and verdant parks make this the ideal spot for those looking for a peaceful retreat. Just outside of town is one of the areas best-kept secret (until now) golf courses - Lykens Valley Golf Course.

Spend the day around town, shopping, antiquing, dining and some ferry boat cruising!